Self Drafted A-Line Skirt

Posted by Kristin on Monday, June 10, 2013.

I signed up for an online class on how to make your own a-line skirt by Deborah Moebes.  I ended up with two skirts and two self drafted patterns that I can use over and over.  I took the class on, and I learned quite a lot about drafting patterns as well as some sewing tips.

As someone who is a bit larger than the typical purchased pattern, I have found it difficult to follow patterns without making numerous adjustments.  At first I was scared to write my measurements down, but Deborah eased me through that by telling us it was just a number, that that no one would EVER see it.  So don't look for my measurements here!  They are a secret...shhh....

I was shocked that I managed to follow her directions and come out with a very wearable skirt!  My first skirt is a traditional a-line with two back darts and two front darts.  I love that the darts are shaped to my curves perfectly.  I also added in a facing around the waistband instead of doing a bias tape waist.  I felt like I needed a little more support to the top of the skirt. 

The fabric I purchased on whim from a local quilting store.  I had never visited the shop before and I was the only person in there and sort of felt obligated to buy something.  So I left with two yards of Honey Honey Violet Tea Rose by Kate Spain with really no idea what I would do with it.  And I grabbed it when it came time to make my skirt. 

See that pattern??? I drew it all by myself!  On wrapping paper.  Which I figured was a step up from my usual habit of using newspaper.  They make pattern tracing paper, but I am a cheapskate and used the backside of ugly wrapping paper I've bought from school fundraisers.

The lighting here is pretty bad, and my living room walls are the same color green as the leaves in the skirt.  So I added a fancy border hoping that would distract everyone from the poorly lit photo.  But you can see the shape of the skirt.

We are at the beach right now which is why the wind is blowing everything to the left.  See the Dodge Durango in the corner?  That is my "minivan" I rented to get us down here.  Love the rental car process!  I'm just glad we didn't end up with an Escort. 

Here's a good picture!  I do not like to show my knees, so I hem everything below the knee.  But I've already decided to make this skirt in a wool for winter and I would hem that one a little higher because I would wear knee camouflaging tights.
Here is the side view.  My rear end forms a nice little shelf at the top.  And I've noticed that exercise only increases my shelf size.  So I loved that I was able to create darts that allowed the skirt to fit right over my shelf. 
And here is Bailey closing her eyes for the camera.  The sea breeze keeps picking her little ears up like wings.  I think it is adorable!  I also think she is tired of me chasing her around with the camera....

5 Responses to Self Drafted A-Line Skirt

  1. Sandy King

    Delightful sharing.

  2. Jen O

    Hi, I've come over from Gertie's blog to see your cool Shaheen fabric.
    I say, go with the narrow skirt! You can get that vintage sarong skirt look if you make up the narrow skirt with waistline drape in Gertie's Butterick 5814 pattern. It is a smooth skirt, but with that side drape, the look would be perfect.
    A more traditional sarong style front drape can be found in vintage 80's patterns (like Butterick 6150, currently for sale on Etsy).
    Have fun, and share your project so we can see how it goes!

  3. Kate Spain

    Kristin, your skirt is so summery and cute! Way to go on drafting the pattern yourself. Impressive! And Bailey is adorable. Hope she's still enjoying those sea breezes. happy sewing! xo

  4. Kristin

    Thank you! Unfortunately we are back home in the mountains of Virginia...and Bailey is napping on the living room floor instead of enjoying the ocean breeze. And I love your fabric! It made the perfect summer skirt.

  5. suzi poland

    you are so clever and your photos look great. lovely fabric too.

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