A crepe full of butterflies

Posted by Kristin on Friday, July 5, 2013.

That doesn't sound very tasty does it?  A french dessert full of butterflies?  Good thing I am referring to Colette Pattern's Crepe dress made up in Amy Butler's Alchemy Queen Ann's Butterflies!

From Fabric.Com

Colette Patterns

I read other people's experiences with this dress and decided to take my first stab at a lining instead of dealing with the facings in the sleeves.  I followed this article from Threads on how to insert a lining.  Although I made a muslin, I always have a hard time determining how it should fit.  It seemed large, but I thought once I got the skirt attached and made it out of a thicker fabric it would fit better.  I still think the bodice is a little large, and probably could have gone down a size in the sides towards the waist.  I also opted to include the facings with the lining because I thought the sweetheart neckline would need some extra support.  It gave me extra support....to point of feeling a little like a linebacker in the shoulders...

My lining isn't perfect, but I'm still quite proud! 

 See the baggy sides?  Oh well....

The extra fabric also poofs out some in the back.  I wore the dress to work last week and it didn't flap open so I'll live with it!  Other than inserting my first lining, the dress went together very quickly. 

And I love the butterflies!

Here are my little helpers for this project:

I may need to invest in a cutting table at some point instead of using the living room floor....

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    I love the fabric - excellent colours.

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