My first knitting project!

Posted by Kristin on Wednesday, September 25, 2013.

I love to wear cardigans.  I'd wear them to bed if I could.  I have long sleeved ones, short sleeved ones, basic ones, and bright ones.  They cover my wobbly bits...and I feel like I am wearing a security blanket all day.  But I've become tired of the cardigans I find in stores.  I want snazzy ones!  Which is what pushed me into knitting.  I want sweaters.  Lots and lots of sweaters.  I entered the time suck known as Ravelry and quickly filled my favorites with sweaters, scarves and skirts!  Did you know you can knit skirts?  And not look like a toddler?  Yes!  I will NOT be knitting yarn bikinis.  Nobody wants to see that...

My first foray into knitting was several years ago when those fuzzy yarn scarves were all the rage.  But mine always looked like lopsided triangles because I kept adding stitches somehow.  I didn't know what I was doing so I quit and shoved everything under my bed.  I've moved since then and continued to shove it under the bed in new houses.  I have since discovered Craftsy and signed up for a beginning knit class.

And here is my first presentable knit project! (Disclaimer:  my picture taking skills are still not very presentable)

I used a black and metallic green yarn by Lurex.  Our local yarn shop had it on sale.  It was not that easy to work with because each time I screwed up and had to pull it out (is that frogging? why?) my fibers would unravel.  By the time I started it the fourth time, I really couldn't see one fuzzy strand from the next.

Amazingly, I still managed to create a scarf.  With a keyhole.  And with lace!  Bailey was at the vet all day and was little upset so I thought wearing a sparkly scarf would cheer her up.  It didn't.

I tried it on for the first time so everyone could see how it looks on.  I just want to say that I couldn't find my black t-shirt today so I am wearing a black pajama top.  I was also too lazy to change my shirt for hula class tonight so I wore my pajama top to the gym.  I wore my pjs out in public and to work today.  I have no shame.

Phoebe noticed that I was doing something that didn't involve her so she joined in the fun.

She also kinda matches the rug too.  Just noticed that.  Huh.

Since I knit at the same speed at which I sew (Grass grows faster.  Paint dries faster.  Sloths move faster.) I might get a nice fall cardigan done by next July....

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