An ADHD mess of a post (or what I have been up to for the past month)

Posted by Kristin on Sunday, November 10, 2013.

October was quite busy creatively speaking.  But nothing warranted its own post, so this is a random jumble of small projects. 

I know I swore after I finished my zombie costume that I wouldn't sew again until I could get my dream sewing machine.  I decided to borrow my mom's instead and that is getting me through until I put my new one on layaway after Thanksgiving. 

I've fallen in love with the tent-like tunic style of dress with leggings and boots.  Although not necessarily the most flattering on me, they are super comfortable (and at this point in life, what's more important?  that's right...comfort!)

I decided to take my second stab at knits since JoAnn's put a purple leopard print knit on sale.  I've been eyeing this fabric since August but couldn't bring myself to spend $13/yrd.  But at 50% off?  Heck yes!

I chose to use Vogue 8731 for the pattern.  It is labeled "very easy" and it is!  If you want to wear a tent and want some instant gratification...this is the pattern for you!  It has three lengths and three sleeve styles (but I think anyone could figure out how to not add sleeves or how to shorten it).

I hope you are no longer astounded by my complete lack of photography skills. 

I actually made a muslin for this one...which was totally unnecessary.  I'm not really sure how to fit a sack any better!  I did add some clear elastic to the shoulder seams to give them some strength.  But there is no waist seam (woo hoo!).  This went together from cutting to hemming in just a couple of hours.

See?  Not much shape but enough to tell I have a waist.  I'm now realizing the brown boots were probably not my best option.  I really need black boots.  My Danskos made the dress look like a baby doll they didn't work either.  My black flats made me look like a toddler and the heels made me look like a toddler in my mom's shoes.  So the brown boots won.  Sorry.  I'll buy black boots at some point.

The front of the dress has four small pleats that help give it some shape.  The pattern uses bias tape around the neckline.  I found it odd to use bias tape on a knit, but I went with it because I am not comfortable enough to design my own neckline band.  I'm sure it is easy, but that would have ruined the speediness of this dress since I really didn't know what I was doing.  To my surprise the bias tape worked just fine.  I would sleep in this dress if I could (which means it probably looks more like a nightgown than a tunic dress).

While I'm in the throes of purple madness, I also made a purple scarf.  Which was made to go with a soon to exist purple coat.  Maybe I'll wear it all with this purple dress.  And look a little like a grape.  Or Barney...

The scarf is just three sections:  seed stitch, 2x2 basket stitch, and 4x4 basket stitch.  Over and over and over.  I used a Lion Brand Tweed for this and it took about 1.5 skeins.  I wish I had made it a smidge longer but I got bored with it and finished it.  I had planned on blocking it to even out my sides but this was before I learned that acrylic doesn't block.  It snaps right back like a rubber band.  And I chose this yarn based off of color (and price) and not content.  My current scarf project is alpaca...a little more natural than acrylic.

This scarf will go with my future Colette Lady Grey.  I've had the lining for ages, and bought the purple wool on sale for $2.95/yrd this summer (not much demand for wool coating in July).  I had hoped to get this together over the summer in order to have it ready by October.  It is now November and it is still hanging out just waiting.

from Colette Patterns

It really is purple, it is just a dark purple.  I did get hair canvas with the intentions of hand tailoring it as I follow Gertie's sew along instructions for this coat.  Which means it should be ready to wear in April. 

Next on my to do list is the Colette Zinnia.  I bought a lovely floral chiffon and a gold lining but want to wait on this one until I get my new machine.  I can't have my machine chewing up my chiffon.  So it sits by the coat.

from Colette Patterns

In all of this waiting, I did manage to finish a couple of owl paintings for a friend's nursery.  She asked for owls to coordinate with her daughter's bedding.  I even put polka dot sides on them to match the border of the bedding. 

 And last but not least I decided to add a new member to our already wild household.  Bailey is 13 and is steadily slowing down.  I was thinking about getting her a younger pup with the hopes that she would brighten up a bit.  And, selfishly, I am scared of the day that Bailey is no longer with me.  I hoped that already having another dog would make that day a little easier instead of facing life dogless for a little while.  

I searched online and finally found one that looked like he might fit my requirements of not too big, not too old, not too young, and not in need of intensive training.  But when I went to go visit him he was a boisterous 90lbs with a little fear based aggression mixed in.  So he was a no.  On a whim I went to go visit another one.  He greeted me by calmly coming up and placing his head in my lap with his ears splayed out across my knees.  He turned his honey colored eyes up to mine and that was it.  I took Bailey out to meet him and they greeted each other then both sniffed the ground for our walk.  When I lifted Bailey into the back of the car to leave, he tried to jump up with her.  He is joining our home for good on Friday.  I'm nervous about Phoebe's reaction to him, but he is so laid back that I'm not expecting too many issues.

Meet Max...

I'll write more to let everyone know how his introduction to my wild kingdom goes.

Whew!  My next projects include some Christmas gifts and hula recital costumes.  Then the coat and skirt....I promise.... 

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