Early Birthday Wishes

Posted by Kristin on Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

I have a milestone birthday (40 - gulp) coming up in one month exactly.  So in early celebration of me, I'm making my birthday list. Selfish?  Yes.  But I think I've previously established that I can be quite selfish.  Plus some of these gift ideas take some lead time (such as patterns from London or printed to order fabric from Spoonflower).  So all my family and friends can go ahead and start collaborating the gift giving!  Ok, I don't actually expect to receive everything on my list...or anything.

So with no further ado, here are all of my current wants in no particular order.  Enjoy!  You might even find something you can't live without. (Unless you don't sew.  In that case all of this will seem pretty darn boring.)

Doctor Who fabric!  Who can't live without Doctor Who fabric?  Ha.  I think a skirt of the Doctor's Favorite Things would be amazing.  So about 3 yards of a nice cotton silk (or basic cotton...it is a bit pricey) should make me a lovely skirt.

Order here from Spoonflower
Next up are a couple of books.  I have a love of all things Colette (mainly because I actually fit in their patterns...I don't ask for much) and Colette Patterns is releasing a new book on knits next week.  And if you pre-order, you can also purchase their two new knit patterns as a bundled price.  Contain your excitement, will ya?  So for the low, low price of $50, you can get the new book, a skirt pattern, and a dress pattern.  If you buy this for me I'll make you a skirt (Unless you are a guy.  But then again you might like that kind of thing.  So I'll still make you a skirt.  Just buy your own fabric, alright?)

Purchase here at Colette Patterns
My other book choice is by Natalie Chanin, the same artist behind the Alabama Chanin clothing line.  I don't have thousands of dollars to spend on a handmade Alabama Chanin garment, but I do have some skill and have a lot of time coming up this summer to spend creating my own skirt. 

Only $2860. I should buy two.
Or the book. Only $24.88. A complete steal in comparison, right?
But I'm not done yet!  The sewing world raves (and by "world" I mean the three or four bloggers I regularly follow) about the patterns that By Hand London creates.  Only By Hand London doesn't sell digital patterns (the internet is way faster and cheaper than snail mail across the pond) which is why I don't own one yet.  By Hand London just released the Flora dress and I'm also dying to make the Anna dress.

The Flora Dress
The Anna Dress
And fancy new dress patterns require new fabric! I picked out this lovely cotton voile by Cloud 9 fabrics for the Flora pattern.  The Flora dress just screams for a floral pattern.  All jokes aside, wouldn't this be the perfect summer dress?

Lunada Bay in Coral
And can't leave Miss Anna out of the fabric fun!  Luckily, By Hand London has already done all of the work for you by creating a kit with the pattern, fabric, notions, and a smashing tote bag.  The only drawback is this kit has since sold out.  I pinned it a few weeks ago and I guess everyone had to have what I wanted and snatched them all up!  I hate you all.  Not really...please post pics of your Anna's in this fabulous blue floral so I can drool with envy!

It was available here but, alas, is no more.

And that is my want list. For now.  It could change (and by "change" I mean "get longer") by next week.  I was also kind enough to make sure my entire list was online orderable for easy access.  If you need my shipping address, let me know. 

Happy Birthday to me!

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