I've changed....again....

Posted by Kristin on Sunday, September 23, 2012.

I signed up for an e-course I can't really afford but since it is all about building your creative business, I decided that it would pay for itself once I started making my millions by making pin cushions for my ETSY store.  Ok, I know that I won't really make millions (or even a hundred) of dollars off of pin cushions, but I decided I needed some help refining my creative business.  After some soul searching (or really, just google searching) I have discovered that I am happiest when creating.  Or planning to create.  Or reading about creating.  Whatever. 

The e-course is by the wonderful artist, Kelly Rae Roberts (www.kellyraeroberts.com - check her out).  I have followed her work and her blog ever since my best friend gave me a hanging angel designed by Kelly (look...I think we are on a first name basis now).  I just finished the part on blogging and although I already have http://starcitylady.blogspot.com,  I decided that it didn't fit my creative theme.  My ETSY shop is named August Morning, and I even forked out the money for a professional shop design (you can find it at www.augustmorning.etsy.com ....  want a pin cushion?  apron?).  My blog should probably match my shop, or my shop match my blog, whichever, you get the idea. 

I'll keep my other blog for posting rants or raves or whatever pops into my addled brain.  I'll use this blog for my creative pursuits.  I have about three projects going on right now, plus a thousand more floating around in my head.  Some are personal endeavours.  Others are new ideas for my shop (besides pin cushions).  Don't worry, my irreverent humor will show up here as well.  Except today.  I managed to somehow break both arms by hanging my DIY roman shades.  Well, they aren't broken but they also aren't working very well.  And I just cleaned a china cabinet with TSP which you are not supposed to get on any part of your skin.  I managed to get it all down inside my glove and it is slowly eating my skin away.  The point is I'm tired.  And hurty.  And have red, irritated hands. 

Tomorrow will be posts of my roman shades along with the tutorial I used.  I know you are too excited to sleep tonight in anticipation.

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