I love all of the help (sort of)

Posted by Kristin on Tuesday, October 2, 2012.

I am currently trying to find the time to sew my very first coat.  Actually, it will be my very first garment (besides a dress...which I don't like so it doesn't count).  With sleeves.  And a lining.  Why start small with a simple skirt when you can go big with an expensive wool coat with silk lining, right?

One of my current idols, Gretchen Hirsch (Gertie from Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing) is having a sew-a-long for one of her new Butterick patterns.  Of course I signed up (with no idea what I am doing).

It was her blog that made me purchase a custom made 1950s style cocktail dress (with a crinoline!) for my sister's upcoming wedding.  I thought this coat would be perfect with my dress.

But I seem to be getting a lot of help with my coat.  I've found that the group members are a wealth of advice and I read every helpful hint they post. 

And then there is Phoebe the Cat....

She loves to observe and help (or completely derail) anything that I am working on.  This coat is no exception.

I managed to get the pattern pieces cut out without assistance but as soon as I began to pin them to the fabric, Phoebe appeared.  I can only guess that she heard the faint rustling of fabric and paper, which put her into help mode.

She rushed down the stairs and immediately plopped down in the middle of the fabric.  She made it her mission to guard the fabric tooth and nail...I have the scratches to prove it.

I gave up on trying to even cut the pieces out and put it up out of the way.

Phoebe found its hiding place today and turned it all into a bed.

The lesson I have learned?  Lock Phoebe up in the bathroom whenever I try to cut fabric  (I may have to dress in chain mail when I let her out though...).


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  1. Shaz

    I have a cat who would love to do the same thing, so I have to keep her locked out of my sewing room! and I think your coat will be lovely when it is finished - don't be afraid to keep trying with your sewing, it will all come good in the end- and you will learn lots at the same time so you can help others.

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