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I first made an ornament wreath about five years ago, or before you could find them everywhere.  I was cool before I knew it.  My first wreath used glass ornaments which I attached with wire.  It was pretty, but using wire caused all of my ornaments to move around and they all face downward.  I have since moved and done my house in beachy colors and my old red and gold wreath just doesn't go with my other decorations.

I found the following on Pinterest and immediately fell in love (from Better Homes & Gardens):

Isn't it beautiful?  I had just purchased and refinished a china cabinet and I decided that I needed this wreath to go on it.

I searched for various instructions for how to create a new wreath and most used shatterproof ornaments and hot glue.  So off I went to Michael's and came home with all of the necessary goodies.

1.  Straw wreath.  You could use a holiday green wreath or a styrofoam wreath, but the straw was the cheapest.  Leave the plastic wrapping on it.
2.  Lots of ornaments!  I bought 100 large, 24 small, and then a little baggie of teal, white, and silver balls for fill ins.
3.  Pretty ribbon!  If pink feathers don't say Christmas, I don't know what does....
4.  I needed a new glue gun and glue as well.  It has been a LONG time since I glued anything together.

Before you begin, pull all of the little silver ornament toppers off. 

I began by gluing my larger ornaments around the wreath.  Because you want it to lay flat, don't lift it off of the table or floor so that your ornaments lay flush with the back.

Continue attaching your ornaments to the wreath.  As you fill in, get them as close together as you can.  This took almost all of my 100 larger ornaments.  I have about 4 left over.

Then start filling in with your smaller ornaments.  To keep the wreath looking round, don't cram them all the way down to the surface of the straw base.  I attached mine to the sides of my larger ornaments. 

And then voila!  You have a beautiful ornament wreath. 

Mine turned out quite a bit more colorful than the inspiration wreath.  And although I still love that elegant wreath, my house is not really elegant.  My house is Key West in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I think what I made goes right with my yellow and turquoise kitchen!  Plus, my tree ornaments are all the same colors (on a white tree...again, nothing elegant here!). 

If you look really close, I still have a few tiny holes I'd like to fill in.  If I were to do this again, I would wrap my straw base wreath in a coordinating solid ribbon.  That way, if I had holes they would be less noticeable.  I would also put the cat up.  All of those glittering balls were way too much for her and she went into kitty overload.

I'd love to see your own wreaths if you give this project a try! 

9 Responses to Ornament Wreath DIY

  1. Suzanne

    Kristin you did a wonderful job with your wreath. I love the bright colours. Your table and chairs are exactly like mine. :)

  2. Shelly Penko

    LOVE this...I've wanted one of these wreaths forever! Your white hutch with the turquoise backdrop is FABULOUS! ♥

  3. Kristin

    Great minds think alike then :) Thank you for the compliment!

  4. Kristin

    Thank you! I found it at an estate sale. It was a lovely nicotine yellow before. Anything would have been an improvement!

  5. Mums Bubs and Art

    Fantastic! You've inspired me to give it a go :)

  6. janice smith

    I'm so glad to know how to do this. I have admired these wreaths but didn't realize how simple making my own could be. Thank you! Yours is beautiful, by the way :-)

  7. Sue Grilli

    I've always loved these wreaths and now you've inspired me to make one myself!! Thanks!

  8. Michelle Hill

    How fun is this and your tutorial is awesome! I'm thinking a trip to Micheals is in my radar for a straw wreath and Christmas balls. Beautiful!

  9. June Maddox

    Beautiful and easy to follow. Yes, it's always one of those I should do that ideas that never gets done. Thanks!

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