A stick horse and a machine of death

Posted by Kristin on Sunday, February 24, 2013.

I would like to preface this with the fact that I don't have kids.  My sisters don't have kids.  Although I hang around with the kids of friends, it is only for small moments of time.  And by kids I mean babies and toddlers.

Therefore, when it comes time to buy gifts for kids, I'm at a loss.  Apparently, I am too poor to buy anything fun and not made in China, so I always resort to something handsewn.  But by handsewn, I don't mean pink bunny costumes like in "A Christmas Story"...I try to come up with things I think the child will actually like.

For my godson's first birthday, I made him a beautiful rag quilt:

It was three layers of flannel, so it was so soft and cuddly...I really wanted to keep it for myself.

For Christmas, I made all of the little men in my life (including my godson) PJ Monsters.  The pattern is by Sew Fearless

These have been such a hit that I have a waiting list!

Today was my godson's second birthday party and I decided to make him a stick horse using a pattern by Abby Glassenberg (Abby Glassenberg Design).

Oh how I loved this stick horse.  I couldn't wait to give it to him today.

But I didn't think the horse through....instead of it becoming a fun toy to ride around the house on...it immediately became a weapon of mass destruction.  When a hyped up on cake two year old hugs a stick horse upside down, the stick flails about looking to make a pinata out of any human within a two foot radius.  Or tv.  Or window.

I hope when I see my best friend tomorrow, she is without a black eye.  She has also promised to make all of this up to me when I have kids.

I can't wait.

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