My Last Bella Article

Posted by Kristin on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.

I'm calling this my last Bella article...but technically January was my last article.  I had already submitted this one before my column was booted for advertising.  The magazine has decided to move in a different direction (and that direction is allowing advertisers to write editorials which are in reality just long advertisements for services).  This is a short column, because before my space got completely taken over by ads, it was shortened to 300 words.

I feel as if this one needs to be printed somewhere, even if it is just a blog (and I am not advertising anything....).

Life is too short NOT to be famous!

These are the words of Famous Dave Moran, who was recently diagnosed with the same cancer that took my own dad’s life a few short years ago.  This issue is all about love…weddings, romance, Valentine’s Day…where does a terminal illness fit in with this?  Bear with me, I’ll reach a point, I promise.
I don’t personally know Famous Dave, but I am friends with his daughter, Jessica McClung.  Well, maybe not “friends”, she is technically one of my supervisors.  But I like to pretend we are friends.  When she first told me about her dad’s diagnosis last spring, it sounded eerily similar to what my own family had gone through.  But what is different is where my dad hid his disease for as long as possible, Dave is facing it head on.  And that is where the quest for famousness comes in.  If the Kardashians can be famous, anyone can be famous (Ok, totally stolen from his website but an excellent quote nonetheless.  But I would also add in Paris Hilton and anyone from Jersey Shore).  

Therefore I need a few favors from all of you out there.  First, can you help Dave in his quest to become famous?  Visit him at  and share it with all of your friends.  Read his blog and follow him on Twitter.  Second, if you or anyone you know works for Ellen DeGeneres, please put in a good word for Dave.  And last but not least (which is why this fits into a magazine issue devoted to mushy love), please encourage the men in your life to get regular prostate exams starting at age 40.  And that is the ultimate goal of Famous Dave, to give a face to prostate cancer which is often seen as an “old man’s disease” and not something to worry about.  Help protect the men you love (and help make Dave a little more famous).


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