What are you looking at?

Posted by Kristin on Monday, January 21, 2013.

Since I had a snow day and a holiday this weekend, I have had four days to create a variety of messes.

For most of my long weekend I created this:

This is my new (taken from the street) chair that I have been preparing to reupholster.  I have finally managed to get all the old, smelly fabric off and have covered the upholstered parts in trash bags so I can paint it.  The painting has to wait because I am still undecided on fabric...this could be a while...

Since my work on the chair was in a holding pattern due to my indecisiveness about anything, I pulled out my paints.  My sister got married a week ago at Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC.  Fearrington Village is an idyllic little community of shops, restaurants, and COWS!  A herd of Belted Galloway cows call Fearrington home.  During the rehearsal, instead of helping with the big day details, I wandered off to see the cows.

Belties are long and shaggy with a distinct belt of white going around them.  This little lady was my favorite.  And because I didn't like the other cow's rear being in my photo, I decided to turn her into a painting.

I haven't painted in quite some time.  Not a real painting.  Most things I have done over the past few years have been very flat with basic colors for nurseries (silhouettes) and  man caves (sports logos).  These required solid colors with distinct lines.  I was afraid that I couldn't do Miss Moo much justice.

And here she is!  I'm going to stare at her for a few days and then go back and make any changes.  Or I may keep her as she is.  Although I don't think I can make a career out of cows (or reupholstering chairs), I'm quite satisfied with her.  She is titled "What are you looking at?" because that was sort of the expression she was giving us as she was trying to enjoy her evening and I kept yelling "moo" to get her attention. 

But my weekend isn't over yet, so off to my sewing room I go!!!

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