Letter of Gratitude

Posted by Kristin on Monday, October 22, 2012.

Dear Fellow Flyers,

As part of my homework for my health coaching, I need to write a letter of gratitude to someone and share it.  I decided to write to each of you.  When she first told me this assignment, I laughed.  I do not show emotion often, I try to bury it down and just hide it.  I don't like to feel vulnerable, so I keep a nice little wall around my feelings.

Although I have not been a prolific poster on the Facebook group, and I have not left ANY comments on the class pages, I have however taken it all in.  As someone who tries not to feel, I am very uncomfortable with people who are very open with their emotions.  But the time spent with all of you has been an eye (and heart) opening experience for me.  I feel the love and support from everyone in this group, even if they are just watchers like myself.  The very first lesson was on FEAR and I hung on every word.  That is what stops me...fear.  Fear of failure.  Fear of getting too close to others.  Fear of being laughed at or not taken seriously.  But seeing all of you wonderful artists go through the same feelings has made me feel safe.  Although the feelings of fear and failure are still there, I am not scared to face them.

I have loved watching each of you grow over the past month and I have grown with you.  And for all of this I say thank you.

I truly hope we continue to share our fears, our successes, and our growth through this group.  Although I haven't quite made it to everyone's blogs, pages, websites, I am working on it.  I am scared (see...admitting that I feel....progress!) that as we grow our own wings we will fly apart from one another.  And one day we may be ready to do just that, but this little flyer isn't quite ready to leave the nest.

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  1. Caroline

    Thank you so much Kristen, its been a pleasure to spend time with so many wonderful flying sisters. I hope to be able to get to know you better in the coming months! :) x

  2. Kristen Conley

    I had so much fear before starting this course. I still have it, but I'm learning to realize how unrealistic it is and I am slowly letting it go. The most shocking thing is that as I let my fear go that my creativity is soaring. I think that if you took the number of paintings I made this month alone...that would probably be about the same number as paintings I've done over the past 10 years! (Which I could count on my fingers.) Big flyer girl hugs to you! <3

  3. Jean F Wagner

    Love your honesty here. I've a mind to link this to our flyers page so we can all feel good about your words!

  4. Kristin

    This was a hard post to write because I am much better at sharing my cynical wit than for real life feelings. So thank you all for your kind words...I'm still a work in progress :)

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