A coat! (and a new updo)

Posted by Kristin on Thursday, January 3, 2013. Filed under:

Three months, two fabric orders, 1.5 spools of thread, 220 inches of hand sewn hemline, and multiple mistakes later....I have a coat!

And I am completely and totally in love.  It twirls.  It is warm, but not too warm.  I can move my arms about. 

I would sleep in it if I could....(but that would be weird).

And now onto the updo of the day!  The last picture is the perfect example of my every day hair.  Pulled back, twisted, and held with a clip.

Today's updo is again courtesy of Kate from The Small Things Blog

And here is my rat's nest (after it had fallen and I had repinned it four times):

Nailed it!

But just to be on the safe side I'm trying a new one tomorrow...

4 Responses to A coat! (and a new updo)

  1. Anne Magee

    Your coat is beautiful! I absolutely love your fabric choices, and your workmanship looks amazing! One talented lady, you are!

  2. Shelly Penko

    The coat! It's fabulous!!!! Wow, I'm so impressed, I'd want to sleep in it too...and the lining! Icing on the already chocolate cherry filled fabulous cake! I'm so impressed. And the updo...LOL, you made me laugh. :D

  3. Anonymous

    Brilliant coat -- the color and fabrics are delicious and the cut is perfect for you. Would you mind revealing the pattern?

    Sorry for being late to your party, but I only just found your blog. (RSS'ed now.)

  4. Kristin

    Thank you! The pattern was Butterick 5824. It was one of Gertie's patterns. And welcome!

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