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I spent my winter break from school squirreled away in my sewing room.  I finished my coat, made a skirt, stitched together a handbag, and just this weekend I put together an ottoman slipcover for a customer.

And I ended up in this:

I have a sewing injury.  How lame of an injury is that?  Here is how all of my conversations have gone this past week...

"What did you do?!?"

"Oh, I did too much sewing over break."

"Um, what?  Sewing?"

And then they back away slowly because no one is that weird.

So here I sit in a thumb splint with nothing to do but think of my next project.  My recent creations have given me some confidence and I feel ready to tackle something else a little harder.  I kind of want to make a dress and I've started searching for my inspiration.

Colette Patterns
I turned to my Colette Patterns book.  I love Colette Patterns, but I haven't made anything yet.  I decided on the Licorice Dress. I saw Sabrina Soto (from HGTV) in a similar dress and it was simply stunning.  Of course, Sabrina Soto would probably be stunning in yoga pants and a sweatshirt...but I wanted the dress anyway.  And the Licorice was the closest I could find. 

Sabrina Soto
Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing

I think I could do it, lace and all.  I'm not a skinny girl (like Sabrina Soto...or anyone on tv for that matter).  I wonder how the dress will fit my full sized figure. And I'm unsure about the belt.  I could turn the belt into more of a sash, or not use it at all.  Still, I hate to go out and spend the money on pretty fabric and spend my time on a dress that will be unflattering. 

Anyone out there have any thoughts? 

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