Can you spare some change?

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It is a new year, time for new beginnings.  I've never been one to make resolutions and I've always viewed New Year's Eve as just another night.  The only promise I make myself is to try to remember to write the new date instead of the old.

But in honor of 2013 I'm doing things a little different.  I have selected a word, one tiny word, to sum up what I want from the upcoming year.  I have spent the past week thinking about what I want to accomplish, thinking about who I am and who I want to be, and then deciding on one word that reflects all of that at once.


Change is a rather simplistic word.  When you read the word change it doesn't evoke any deep feeling.  It isn't even fun to say (like the word "plethora" favorite sounding word!).  What do you think of with the word change? Well, besides money...

2012 was a year of learning for me.  I worked with a health coach for six months and she taught me how to fuel my body with food.  She also helped me recognize my barriers to success.  I took an online class led by Kelly Rae Roberts that taught me how to begin turning my sewing hobby into a possible career.  Both my time with my health coach and with Kelly Rae Roberts made me look inward (which is not something I like to do).  I had to look deep into my true wants and desires to figure out what would make my life more fulfilling.  I was given all of the tools I needed, it was now up to me to make the changes (see that word...that's my word!).

But I'm a stubborn beast.  What was wrong with my life?  I have a job, a house, wild animals, family and friends that love me...why did I need to change?  I dug in my heels, I resisted.  I thought of all sorts of reasons as to why I couldn't make changes in my life.  I was too busy, it took too much money, life was just fine the way it was.  I was resistant.  Resistant to change.

Over my holiday break I slowly began to see things differently.  It wasn't a conscious decision, it just happened.  I began to see the need for more flexibility, the need to be more open to new ideas, and the need to change.  And I felt lighter than I had in months.  This cynical pessimist began to see the positives in life instead of the negatives.  My anger and irritability eased.  It was like I was back on Zoloft but it was my own brain...not medication!

Hence the word change (or at least the promise to be open to it).

What is your word of the year?

13 Responses to Can you spare some change?

  1. Becky in Burma

    you are brave to choose 'change.' I don't think change is easy - ever! I wish you all the very best in taking in whatever comes your way this year!

  2. Shells

    Hi Kristin, all the best for success with your sewing in 2013. Thanks for joining in the Word Hop, change can be a scary and exciting thing.

  3. Sofia Dabalsa

    Kristin i think change is a good word. it reminds me to open to all the goodness trying to make its way to me. happy new year! xxx

  4. Linda

    Good for you! "Change" is a great word!

  5. birdigurl

    Kristin, change is good. Your word is good. Don't be afraid of it! Wishing you success in your sewing business! (your flying sister, Sharon)

  6. Ann Marie

    Change happens wether we want it sometimes or not. What a great attitude and way to embrace the changes in your life.

  7. Kristen Conley

    Kristin, I am so happy you are getting rid of those stubborn gremlins! A toast to change and to an amazing 2013 <3

  8. Janine Whitling

    great word Kristin, it is a wise choice to allow ourselves to feel the importance of change rather than become stagnant is comfort. xo

  9. Mary Cottingham

    Here's to change and a prosperous and happy new year for us all. So glad you joined the word hop! Great word!

  10. Connie Rawlins

    What a courageous word! And a wonderful post explaining how it fits your life. Best wishes to you in the new year!

  11. Connie Rawlins

    What a courageous word! And a wonderful post explaining how it fits your life. Best wishes to you in the new year!

  12. Cat Athena Louise

    Oooh... wow. Wishing you a year of miracles and the change you seek... C x

  13. Mary

    Change is a good word and it is refreshing to embrace change. My your word inspire you in the coming year.

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