What are you looking at?

Posted by Kristin on Monday, January 21, 2013.
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Since I had a snow day and a holiday this weekend, I have had four days to create a variety of messes.

For most of my long weekend I created this:

This is my new (taken from the street) chair that I have been preparing to reupholster.  I have finally managed to get all the old, smelly fabric off and have covered the upholstered parts in trash bags so I can paint it.  The painting has to wait because I am still undecided on fabric...this could be a while...

Since my work on the chair was in a holding pattern due to my indecisiveness about anything, I pulled out my paints.  My sister got married a week ago at Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC.  Fearrington Village is an idyllic little community of shops, restaurants, and COWS!  A herd of Belted Galloway cows call Fearrington home.  During the rehearsal, instead of helping with the big day details, I wandered off to see the cows.

Belties are long and shaggy with a distinct belt of white going around them.  This little lady was my favorite.  And because I didn't like the other cow's rear being in my photo, I decided to turn her into a painting.

I haven't painted in quite some time.  Not a real painting.  Most things I have done over the past few years have been very flat with basic colors for nurseries (silhouettes) and  man caves (sports logos).  These required solid colors with distinct lines.  I was afraid that I couldn't do Miss Moo much justice.

And here she is!  I'm going to stare at her for a few days and then go back and make any changes.  Or I may keep her as she is.  Although I don't think I can make a career out of cows (or reupholstering chairs), I'm quite satisfied with her.  She is titled "What are you looking at?" because that was sort of the expression she was giving us as she was trying to enjoy her evening and I kept yelling "moo" to get her attention. 

But my weekend isn't over yet, so off to my sewing room I go!!!

What's next?

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I spent my winter break from school squirreled away in my sewing room.  I finished my coat, made a skirt, stitched together a handbag, and just this weekend I put together an ottoman slipcover for a customer.

And I ended up in this:

I have a sewing injury.  How lame of an injury is that?  Here is how all of my conversations have gone this past week...

"What did you do?!?"

"Oh, I did too much sewing over break."

"Um, what?  Sewing?"

And then they back away slowly because no one is that weird.

So here I sit in a thumb splint with nothing to do but think of my next project.  My recent creations have given me some confidence and I feel ready to tackle something else a little harder.  I kind of want to make a dress and I've started searching for my inspiration.

Colette Patterns
I turned to my Colette Patterns book.  I love Colette Patterns, but I haven't made anything yet.  I decided on the Licorice Dress. I saw Sabrina Soto (from HGTV) in a similar dress and it was simply stunning.  Of course, Sabrina Soto would probably be stunning in yoga pants and a sweatshirt...but I wanted the dress anyway.  And the Licorice was the closest I could find. 

Sabrina Soto
Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing

I think I could do it, lace and all.  I'm not a skinny girl (like Sabrina Soto...or anyone on tv for that matter).  I wonder how the dress will fit my full sized figure. And I'm unsure about the belt.  I could turn the belt into more of a sash, or not use it at all.  Still, I hate to go out and spend the money on pretty fabric and spend my time on a dress that will be unflattering. 

Anyone out there have any thoughts? 

Can you spare some change?

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It is a new year, time for new beginnings.  I've never been one to make resolutions and I've always viewed New Year's Eve as just another night.  The only promise I make myself is to try to remember to write the new date instead of the old.

But in honor of 2013 I'm doing things a little different.  I have selected a word, one tiny word, to sum up what I want from the upcoming year.  I have spent the past week thinking about what I want to accomplish, thinking about who I am and who I want to be, and then deciding on one word that reflects all of that at once.


Change is a rather simplistic word.  When you read the word change it doesn't evoke any deep feeling.  It isn't even fun to say (like the word "plethora"...my favorite sounding word!).  What do you think of with the word change? Well, besides money...

2012 was a year of learning for me.  I worked with a health coach for six months and she taught me how to fuel my body with food.  She also helped me recognize my barriers to success.  I took an online class led by Kelly Rae Roberts that taught me how to begin turning my sewing hobby into a possible career.  Both my time with my health coach and with Kelly Rae Roberts made me look inward (which is not something I like to do).  I had to look deep into my true wants and desires to figure out what would make my life more fulfilling.  I was given all of the tools I needed, it was now up to me to make the changes (see that word...that's my word!).

But I'm a stubborn beast.  What was wrong with my life?  I have a job, a house, wild animals, family and friends that love me...why did I need to change?  I dug in my heels, I resisted.  I thought of all sorts of reasons as to why I couldn't make changes in my life.  I was too busy, it took too much money, life was just fine the way it was.  I was resistant.  Resistant to change.

Over my holiday break I slowly began to see things differently.  It wasn't a conscious decision, it just happened.  I began to see the need for more flexibility, the need to be more open to new ideas, and the need to change.  And I felt lighter than I had in months.  This cynical pessimist began to see the positives in life instead of the negatives.  My anger and irritability eased.  It was like I was back on Zoloft but it was my own brain...not medication!

Hence the word change (or at least the promise to be open to it).

What is your word of the year?

A coat! (and a new updo)

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Three months, two fabric orders, 1.5 spools of thread, 220 inches of hand sewn hemline, and multiple mistakes later....I have a coat!

And I am completely and totally in love.  It twirls.  It is warm, but not too warm.  I can move my arms about. 

I would sleep in it if I could....(but that would be weird).

And now onto the updo of the day!  The last picture is the perfect example of my every day hair.  Pulled back, twisted, and held with a clip.

Today's updo is again courtesy of Kate from The Small Things Blog

And here is my rat's nest (after it had fallen and I had repinned it four times):

Nailed it!

But just to be on the safe side I'm trying a new one tomorrow...

An Updo a Day

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My sister is getting married in just over a week.  Next Friday to be exact.  And although I am not in the wedding (it is a small, more casual wedding), I would like to look somewhat decent.

My daily routine consists of wrapping my wet hair up and clipping it.  It reminds me of tail feathers the way it splays out around my head.  I don't use "product" (I actually don't think I own any "product").  I own a brush that I use somewhat regularly.  You really don't need to brush your hair when all you do is pile it on top of your head everyday.

So the very thought of doing something somewhat presentable with my mop of hair petrifies me.  I don't even know where to begin!  Other people have tons of suggestions for me, all of which include loads of pomade, or mousse, or straightener, or curly stuff, or whatever else I don't use and don't have.  So I headed on over to Pinterest to investigate hair tutorials.  And that is where I found my guardian angel, Kate, from The Small Things Blog.  Kate has a blog full of hair tutorials, videos, and tips.  I have been watching nothing but Kate videos for the past two days.  She makes it all seem so easy...I think even I could pull some of these styles off!

That brings me to my mission for the next week.  I am going to try an updo a day until I find one that I can somewhat recreate AND that stays in my hair.  My first hairstyle was this one:

(From www.thesmallthingsblog.com)

It reminded me of Adele's hair.  And it took me all of 5 minutes to recreate:

We could be twins, right?  No?  But, I'd like to point out that I probably have 10 times the hair that Kate does and this is at the end of the day.  So It somewhat stayed up.  Forgive the wonky camera angle, I did this myself in the kitchen.  I tried to get Bailey or Phoebe to help with the picture taking, but they couldn't quite get the hang of it.  Must be due to the lack of opposable thumbs on their paws.

Here is the view from the front.  If I look tired, its because today was my first day back to school after a wonderful two week long winter break.  In other words, I am tired. 

I don't think this is the style for me.  Now excuse me while I watch more videos and stay tuned for tomorrow's hair!